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Ever visited any website and wondered how it’s made ? ,or ever thought how this web/internet thing works?

web development

If yes then this is the quick blog that will help you out with that and this series will help you gain knowledge about web development 🙂 and If you are a pro at this already, then this article is probably not for you 🙁

Key Takeaways from this article

  • What is the internet/web?
  • How does the internet work?
  • What are websites ?
  • And most importantly what all is required to make a website?

So what is the internet ?

web development

The Internet is nothing special but a global wide area network that connects computer systems across the world. It is as simple as connecting two systems with a communication channel so that they can transfer data with each other.  The Internet has grown to millions/trillions of such systems connected with each other.

 And as by now you might have guessed it that no one governs the internet directly since no one has the authority above all the system across the world.

So How does the internet work?

web development

Although this question needs a well detailed explanation but to sum up it in layman words ,we can simply say that i works because of the links/connections we have with the web and since it need to have proper infrastructure(wire or wireless towers) in order to establish a link with the rest of the web so we have to pay to such companies which provides such facilities to us that are ISPs (internet service providers) and since there are so many systems attached to the web, each system needs to have it’s own identity (in order to distinguish / locate that system on web) and that’s where IP addresses come into play. IP addresses are nothing but a unique code given to each system over the web.

ok now that we have got what the internet is, now it’s time to look at what websites are. and

what are they made up of?

web development

A web page is simply an electronic page that is a part of a book which in this case is a website. A website is composed of several web pages. These web pages are a combination of text, images, videos and links.

If you ever visited a website and ever tried looking it’s source code by pressing CTRL + U 

you would have probably seen something like this..

web development

It’s evident from the above image that websites are made using some language (which is readable to the browser) and making/developing websites with help of different languages/tools/frameworks is called Web Development .

Ok So it is called Web Development but

what all is needed to make your own websites?

web development

Again there are many things related to making your own websites like

  • Front-end Development(Development of the static part of the website that we usually see and interact )
  • Back-end Development(Development of server side of any website that holds logics and integration for front-end), Deployment()
  • Hosting(Creating and storing content on servers that is to be accessed)
  • Domain name(Accessing websites via specific and unique name) 
  • and many more 

But we won’t go into depth of all of them in this blog since this will get too much for a single blog,So we will learn complete web development in the form of a web development simplified series . So for that stay tuned !

Happy Coding !

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