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IPv4 vs IPv6: Where did IPv5 go? 1

IPv4 vs IPv6: Where did IPv5 go?

Every time you see some network settings, there is IPv4 or IPv6. As you can guess, the previous versions are long in the past (TCP/IP v1,v2, and v3). But why is it IPv4 vs IPv6 instead of the 5th version vs the 6th? How is that the IPv4 from the 80s is still around? Let’s find out!

3 Steps for Beginner Hackers

How to start hacking? 3 Steps Every Beginner Hacker Should Follow

There’s no fixed way to start hacking, and you need not be of a computer science background to learn this. But there are some basic knowledge and things you need to know in order to become one.
Here are 3 main things every Beginner Hacker should know about. These tips will get you started and are very important.


TCP vs UDP: Unfolded

Before jumping to TCP vs UDP we must understand what TCP and UDP are. TCP and UDP are protocols that are a part of the transport layer in the OSI model. Both of these protocols are used for sending packets over the internet. They are built over the Internet Protocol(IP).


Unacademy- One of India’s largest online learning platform got HACKED!

Unacademy-one of the India’s largest Education-technology based startup backed by investors facebook,blume ventures got hacked and its data being sold on dark web at $2000. Data of nearly 22 million users have been said to be leaked in this hacked.


Using Zoom can Hack your Windows PC

As this global pandemic spreads fear among everyone, more and more companies are having virtual conferences to continue their business’. More often than not, these are using the Zoom Video Communication, or more commonly Zoom app for this. You might have used Zoom for your online classes or such a conference. But how secure is this infamous application? Keep reading to learn more.

Start Hacking - Hacking Methadologies

Who is a Hacker? Types of Hackers

Complete information about a hacker with their skills, how to be one of them, their capabilities, there day to day duties and the types and the categories of hackers. A hacker is someone who has all the knowledge of how a program, software, application, database, server is constructed and he knows how to take our flaws from it.


The 7 layers of OSI Model – Definition, Advantages, and Explanation

OSI Model is used to understand how data is transferred from one computer to another in a computer network. To accomplish successful communication between computers or networks of different architecture 7 Layer of OSI Model was defined consisting of Application, Presentation, Session, Transport, Datalink, and Physical layer.


How to Create a Bootable USB Drive From ISO File Using Windows

Bootable USB means that every time your computer starts, it’ll run whatever is in the USB Drive. In this case, it’s your Operating System’s files.
To install (or reinstall) an OS, you need a bootable medium where the files for your OS is stored which will be copied. Most of us will have access to a pen-drive, which makes it an excellent device for booting up OS from.

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