badPower Malware for Chargers

BadPower can destroy your device by corrupting your fast charger

Don’t let ANYONE else use your charger. Researchers at Tencent lab has found malware and named it BadPower than can potentially melt or blast your phone by just charging.

Twitter hack

Massive Twitter Hack: Top profiles like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos got compromised!

Twitter accounts of top profiles like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and many others got compromised due to a massive security breach and made people to lose over couple of thousand dollars in the form of bitcoin


Joker malware: a new malware which affected Google play store apps

An undetectable malware with capability to steal SMS to bypass OTP and buy premium service subscription and drain the victim’s wallet. 17k such apps removed so far.

Goole Tsunami Vulnerability Scanner

Google makes Tsunami Vulnerability Scanner Open Source

Google has released an Open Source Web Vulnerability Scanner “Tsunami” which automates a lot of tasks for networks with thousands of devices.

MAZE attack

Maze Ransomware Attack on Highway Authorities of India

Maze Ransomware attack on NHAI India, leaking 2gb of worth zipped sensitive data over dark web, confirmed and analyzed by Cyble (threat researcher firm).

cyber attacks

Vigorous Cyber attacks coming from China after the Galwan valley clash in India

Numerous number of cyber attacks over Indian websites including sectors like banking, IT, cosmetics and manufacturing industries in the form of email phishing, dos and bruteforcing.


SSRF Spotted in wild: Facebook gives $31k Bug Bounty to a Researcher

An Indian security researcher Bipin bragged a bounty of $31k from the tech giants facebook after the admitted that there was a blind SSRF in the internal systems.

Maze Ransomware: Not Your Average Looking Ransomware 1

Maze Ransomware: Not Your Average Looking Ransomware

Maze Ransomware not only encrypts the files, but it also adds another way to extort victims who are unwilling to pay. To have more leverage over the victim, Maze also sends the data to the attacker.


Apple paid an Indian Hacker $100,000 for finding a bug

An Indian hacker/security researcher name Bhavuk Jain has earned $100,000 (around Rs.75.3 lakh) from Apple for finding and reporting a bug in the “Sign in with Apple account authentication”. It was one of the major zero-day exploit submitted to Apple in recent years.


Unacademy- One of India’s largest online learning platform got HACKED!

Unacademy-one of the India’s largest Education-technology based startup backed by investors facebook,blume ventures got hacked and its data being sold on dark web at $2000. Data of nearly 22 million users have been said to be leaked in this hacked.

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