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badPower Malware for Chargers

BadPower can destroy your device by corrupting your fast charger

Don’t let ANYONE else use your charger. Researchers at Tencent lab has found malware and named it BadPower than can potentially melt or blast your phone by just charging.


Introduction To ‘Capture The Flags’ in CyberSecurity

Capture The Flag, which is a type of challenge given to cybersecurity professionals and students within a time period in which they have to apply their skills, knowledge over technologies to hack the victim machine.

Maze Ransomware: Not Your Average Looking Ransomware 1

Maze Ransomware: Not Your Average Looking Ransomware

Maze Ransomware not only encrypts the files, but it also adds another way to extort victims who are unwilling to pay. To have more leverage over the victim, Maze also sends the data to the attacker.


Apple paid an Indian Hacker $100,000 for finding a bug

An Indian hacker/security researcher name Bhavuk Jain has earned $100,000 (around Rs.75.3 lakh) from Apple for finding and reporting a bug in the “Sign in with Apple account authentication”. It was one of the major zero-day exploit submitted to Apple in recent years.


Using Zoom can Hack your Windows PC

As this global pandemic spreads fear among everyone, more and more companies are having virtual conferences to continue their business’. More often than not, these are using the Zoom Video Communication, or more commonly Zoom app for this. You might have used Zoom for your online classes or such a conference. But how secure is this infamous application? Keep reading to learn more.

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