PickleRick Writeup – TryHackMe

This post is a walkthrough of the PickleRick which is a Rick and Morty themed Tryhackme room. The goal is to find three hidden flags.


Hacking Wi-Fi: Cracking WPA2-PSK wireless networks using Airmon-Ng

The most basic steps and explanation to crack any WPA, WPA2-PSK networks using Airmon-Ng.

Vulnerability Scanning and Enumeration for Pen Testing 1

Vulnerability Scanning and Enumeration for Pen Testing

The second phase of ethical hacking and penetration testing involves two terms that are Vulnerability Scanning and Enumeration. Scanning involves taking the knowledge discovered during reconnaissance and using it to look at the network


Information Gathering: Concept, Techniques, and Tools explained

Information gathering isn’t just a phase of security testing; it’s an art that each penetration tester and hacker should master. Let’s dive deeper into it.

Phases Of Hacking

Phases of Hacking: 5 Stages of Ethical Hacking

The 5 Phases of Hacking are: Reconnaissance, Scanning, Gaining Access(Exploitation), Maintaining Access/Persistence and Clearing Tracks.

What is the CIA Triad? -Defined, Explained, and Explored 2

What is the CIA Triad? -Defined, Explained, and Explored

In the information security (InfoSec) community, “CIA” has nothing to try to to with a particular well-recognized US intelligence. These three letters stand for Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability, also known as the CIA Triad. Together these principles are the foundation of any organization’s information security.

3 Steps for Beginner Hackers

How to start hacking? 3 Steps Every Beginner Hacker Should Follow

There’s no fixed way to start hacking, and you need not be of a computer science background to learn this. But there are some basic knowledge and things you need to know in order to become one.
Here are 3 main things every Beginner Hacker should know about. These tips will get you started and are very important.


Using Zoom can Hack your Windows PC

As this global pandemic spreads fear among everyone, more and more companies are having virtual conferences to continue their business’. More often than not, these are using the Zoom Video Communication, or more commonly Zoom app for this. You might have used Zoom for your online classes or such a conference. But how secure is this infamous application? Keep reading to learn more.

Start Hacking - Hacking Methadologies

Who is a Hacker? Types of Hackers

Complete information about a hacker with their skills, how to be one of them, their capabilities, there day to day duties and the types and the categories of hackers. A hacker is someone who has all the knowledge of how a program, software, application, database, server is constructed and he knows how to take our flaws from it.

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