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How to start hacking? 3 Steps Every Beginner Hacker Should Follow

What is hacking?

To start hacking, you need to know who a hacker is. A hacker is just someone aware of how computers work and can use this knowledge to their advantage. You can learn more about what a hacker is and types of hackers here.

There’s no fixed way to learn to hack, and you need not be of a computer science background to learn this. But there are some basic knowledge and things you need to know to become one.

Below are 3 main things every Beginner Hacker should know about. These tips will get you started and are very important.

Disclaimer: We do not promote any illegal activity nor do we teach any of it. We are just providing you knowledge to safeguard yourself. We are not responsible for anything someone might do after reading this.

1. Programming Languages for Hacking

Programmih to start Hacking

This goes without saying, a good hacker knows how a program works. It’s not necessary to learn tonnes of languages for hacking. You need to have a good command of only one, and the rest becomes quite easy.
Most hackers use Python, because it’s easy to learn and you can write quick scripts in Python without much effort. However, you can also go with a different language like C++, Ruby, or anything of your choice.

What’s the best place to start?

There are tonnes of tutorials on the internet available for free for this. This is purely a subjective matter and depends on person to person on what they like more.

But for your comfort, we have combined a list of best websites to learn programming for free.

2. Learn Hacking Methodologies

Start Hacking - Hacking Methadologies

Before starting actual hacking, know that you can’t read one tutorial and hack Facebook or Instagram. I get a lot of messages saying please teach me to hack this Instagram account. Let me tell you, it’s not how this works. Can I hack someone’s Insta account, maybe yes but it’s not something I can teach someone in a day.
First of all, you should try to understand how the application you’re trying to know why the hack works. You can’t learn to break something if you don’t know how it works. So you need to try to understand how the stuff actually works. This can only be done with practice and determination.
You need to know about the basic web application attacks that the hackers use. This  includes OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities like Denial of Service (DoS), Buffer Overflow, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), SQL Injection (SQLi), etc. These are the most commonly used attack vectors. Each of them is another post on itself which we’ll be posting in some time.
There are also some basic things you can learn about like Phishing, Keyloggers, and Social Engineering. These are quite basic concepts but surely things a hacker should know about.

3. Keep Learning

There’s no end to hacking, it’s an ever-evolving subject. Keep this in mind and always be up for learning new things.

For example, many people will read this blog once and it’s over for them. They’ll never come back and try to learn something new. Let me tell you once and for all, this is not how you’ll become a Hacker. You need to be consistent, you’ll never be able to do anything if you’re not consistent.

This is an ever-expanding field, for this, you need to evolve too. Follow tech blogs (like MeuSec), browse through forums, test your skills in a safe environment. These are the things you need to regularly do to become successful in any field, let alone hacking.

We’re constantly posting new stuff for you to learn from, be sure to check those out. And not just us, check out other blogs and forums. You have a very powerful tool at your disposal, Google. Use it whenever you get stuck. If you’re facing a problem, there’s a chance that it has already been faced by someone before.

Start Hacking - Consistency


You obviously learnt something from this, but the question is are you gonna use this knowledge efficiently and ethically? Are you gonna use this knowledge for a good purpose, or are you going to use this for you malicious intents? Being a black hat sure looks interesting but there are perks of wearing the white too.

These things are for you to decide. We do not support you in any unethical things you might do and would recommend against it.

If you want to learn more, check out our recommended reading, Hacking For Dummies.

I hope that this guide would have been helpful to you. If you face any queries, feel free to comment below and I’ll surely help you.

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