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FANG Obsessive Topics: Principle of Dynamic Programming

One of the hardest concept asked in the entrance exams and interview of FAANG(Facebook , Amazon , Apple , Netflix and Google), explained in the easiest way. It also falls in the category of FANG obsessive topics because of its logical recursion replacement.

FANG obsessive Topics: Strings, StringBuilder, and Arraylist! 1

FANG obsessive Topics: Strings, StringBuilder, and Arraylist!

FANG’s obsessive topics or topics from the competitive programming which FANG is so obsessed with! these days. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Netflix, and Amazon have kept on asking questions over these three topics from the past couple of months in their coding rounds


Joker malware: a new malware which affected Google play store apps

An undetectable malware with capability to steal SMS to bypass OTP and buy premium service subscription and drain the victim’s wallet. 17k such apps removed so far.

Goole Tsunami Vulnerability Scanner

Google makes Tsunami Vulnerability Scanner Open Source

Google has released an Open Source Web Vulnerability Scanner “Tsunami” which automates a lot of tasks for networks with thousands of devices.

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