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VPN vs Proxy

VPN Vs Proxy: Which one is better for you? A VPN and a proxy both will connect you to a remote computer, but that’s where similarities end.

IPv4 vs IPv6: Where did IPv5 go? 1

IPv4 vs IPv6: Where did IPv5 go?

Every time you see some network settings, there is IPv4 or IPv6. As you can guess, the previous versions are long in the past (TCP/IP v1,v2, and v3). But why is it IPv4 vs IPv6 instead of the 5th version vs the 6th? How is that the IPv4 from the 80s is still around? Let’s find out!


TCP vs UDP: Unfolded

Before jumping to TCP vs UDP we must understand what TCP and UDP are. TCP and UDP are protocols that are a part of the transport layer in the OSI model. Both of these protocols are used for sending packets over the internet. They are built over the Internet Protocol(IP).


The 7 layers of OSI Model – Definition, Advantages, and Explanation

OSI Model is used to understand how data is transferred from one computer to another in a computer network. To accomplish successful communication between computers or networks of different architecture 7 Layer of OSI Model was defined consisting of Application, Presentation, Session, Transport, Datalink, and Physical layer.

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