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How to Create a Phishing Page for Netflix? 1

How to Create a Phishing Page for Netflix?

Ever thought of how hackers steal your critical data or credentials via social engineering or phishing scam? Let’s see in this tutorial how hackers can steal your valuable data via a phishing scam. The first question that pops in mind is, what is phishing?


Nvidia RTX 3060ti: All you need to know! ( Awesome leaks and details)

All the information related to the new Nvidia’s RTX 30 series GPU alongwith the RTX 3060 leaks and rumours.

Interview Questions

Top 10 Java Interview Questions asked everywhere

Java is the most commonly used programming language with most of the devices using it. These are the most commonly asked interview questions on java you should know.


Top Algorithms asked in every interview( Software engineering)

The most important algorithms which are must to know for every computer programmer or software engineer especially when they are going for an interview

gaming laptops

The 5 Best Laptops For Any Hacker/Programmer

The 6 best and the top laptops for any programmer, cybersecurity/hacker, gamer to purchase in 2020. Starting from the lowest to the great budget laptops.Here are all of them

GirlScript CTF Writeup - August 2020 2

GirlScript CTF Writeup – August 2020

So this weekend, I participated in a CTF challenge that was organized by GirlScript Goa. It was among the beginner level CTFs, so I was able to solve all but one problem. Nonetheless, I came in 3rd in this and here is my writeup for the solutions of the challenges that I solved. Miscellaneous Challenges […]

badPower Malware for Chargers

BadPower can destroy your device by corrupting your fast charger

Don’t let ANYONE else use your charger. Researchers at Tencent lab has found malware and named it BadPower than can potentially melt or blast your phone by just charging.

Vulnerability Scanning and Enumeration for Pen Testing 3

Vulnerability Scanning and Enumeration for Pen Testing

The second phase of ethical hacking and penetration testing involves two terms that are Vulnerability Scanning and Enumeration. Scanning involves taking the knowledge discovered during reconnaissance and using it to look at the network

Twitter hack

Massive Twitter Hack: Top profiles like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos got compromised!

Twitter accounts of top profiles like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and many others got compromised due to a massive security breach and made people to lose over couple of thousand dollars in the form of bitcoin


Joker malware: a new malware which affected Google play store apps

An undetectable malware with capability to steal SMS to bypass OTP and buy premium service subscription and drain the victim’s wallet. 17k such apps removed so far.

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