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Nvidia RTX 3000s: Scalping Your Lead Off!

How Nvidia GPUs are purchased using bots to bulk-buy a product, and then put them up for sale on eBay or Amazon for an inflated price which rips off buyer’s eyes out!

FANG obsessive Topics: Strings, StringBuilder, and Arraylist! 1

FANG obsessive Topics: Strings, StringBuilder, and Arraylist!

FANG’s obsessive topics or topics from the competitive programming which FANG is so obsessed with! these days. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Netflix, and Amazon have kept on asking questions over these three topics from the past couple of months in their coding rounds

TryHackMe — Mr. Robot CTF Writeup 2

TryHackMe — Mr. Robot CTF Writeup

This post is a walkthrough of the famous Mr.Robot CTF virtual machine. I used the platform TryHackMe though you can also find this VM on Vulnhub. The goal is to find three hidden flags.


Best Budget monitors for Coders and Hackers

The best budget monitors especially for hackers and programmers with a detailed information for why they are required so much and what to know before buying them!

Hack The Box: How to get the invite code? 3

Hack The Box: How to get the invite code?

To even join Hack The Box, you have to hack your way in or treat it like a CTF challenge by finding the invite code. This article will take you through how to achieve the challenge mentioned. However, I highly recommend that you first try to hack yourself in(on your own) and only use this article as a guide in case you need help.


New AMD Radeon RX 6000 series, A blow to GPU market!

A brief information from the last AMD event about the launch of the new AMD Radeon RX 6800, RX 6800XT and RX 6900XT and their performance comparison with respect to Nvidia’s new Ampere tech 3000 series RTX cards


Amazon Ring: A flying security solution

An amazing security and surveillance solution for your home by amazon!


Does your System heat too much? Say no more!

The best solution for overheating and thermal throttling for heavy machine and gaming laptops.

How to Create a Phishing Page for Netflix? 4

How to Create a Phishing Page for Netflix?

Ever thought of how hackers steal your critical data or credentials via social engineering or phishing scam? Let’s see in this tutorial how hackers can steal your valuable data via a phishing scam. The first question that pops in mind is, what is phishing?


Nvidia RTX 3060ti: All you need to know! ( Awesome leaks and details)

All the information related to the new Nvidia’s RTX 30 series GPU alongwith the RTX 3060 leaks and rumours.

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