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Goole Tsunami Vulnerability Scanner

Google makes Tsunami Vulnerability Scanner Open Source

Google has released an Open Source Web Vulnerability Scanner “Tsunami” which automates a lot of tasks for networks with thousands of devices.

MAZE attack

Maze Ransomware Attack on Highway Authorities of India

Maze Ransomware attack on NHAI India, leaking 2gb of worth zipped sensitive data over dark web, confirmed and analyzed by Cyble (threat researcher firm).

RTX 3080

New Nvidia GPU- RTX 3080! Leaks and other details

The next-gen Nvidia GPU is set to come in a matter of months, some of the details about them are leaking every day, but in this post, we have covered up all for you.


PS5: All you need to Know (Price, Specs & Release)

Sony has again confirmed to launch its next-gen of PlayStation which is going to be PS5. Click to read more about the new features, specs, price detail and a lot more.

VPN Vs Proxy Cover

VPN vs Proxy

VPN Vs Proxy: Which one is better for you? A VPN and a proxy both will connect you to a remote computer, but that’s where similarities end.

cyber attacks

Vigorous Cyber attacks coming from China after the Galwan valley clash in India

Numerous number of cyber attacks over Indian websites including sectors like banking, IT, cosmetics and manufacturing industries in the form of email phishing, dos and bruteforcing.


Information Gathering: Concept, Techniques, and Tools explained

Information gathering isn’t just a phase of security testing; it’s an art that each penetration tester and hacker should master. Let’s dive deeper into it.

Phases Of Hacking

Phases of Hacking: 5 Stages of Ethical Hacking

The 5 Phases of Hacking are: Reconnaissance, Scanning, Gaining Access(Exploitation), Maintaining Access/Persistence and Clearing Tracks.

budget gaming pc

Build The Best Budget Gaming/video editing PC under Rs.25,000 in India(2020)

Best budget gaming/editing PC under Rs.25,000 that one can purchase.Easy to play all triple-A(AAA) title games easily with 45-55 FPS even more in e-sports gaming.


Introduction To ‘Capture The Flags’ in CyberSecurity

Capture The Flag, which is a type of challenge given to cybersecurity professionals and students within a time period in which they have to apply their skills, knowledge over technologies to hack the victim machine.

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