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VishwaCTF – 2022

About Vishwa CTF

VishwaCTF is the Flagship event of CyberCell, VIIT. At its inception, VishwaCTF was the 1st CTF from Maharashtra and 3rd CTF from India. We again aim for higher heights going global with the 4th Edition of VishwaCTF. We have reached more than 2100+ participants with 760+ teams from 70+ different countries.

They have been organizing the VishwaCTF and inviting cybersecurity enthusiasts from all over the world to participate in the same. Like every year, they will be organizing the VishwaCTF this time as well, but on a larger scale with a much bigger number of participants!

going global with the 4th Edition of VishwaCTF.

Style: Jeopardy Style

Duration: 48 Hours long

Team Participation: 1-4 players

Start Time: 19th March 4:00 PM IST

End Time: 21st March 4:00 PM IST

Timezone: IST | GMT+05:30

Intended Audience: Beginner to intermediate

Edition: 4th Edition

Challenge Domains: Cryptography, Stenography, OSiNT, Reverse engineering, Web challenges and Forensics

Difficulty: Beginner Friendly

Country From: India

College: Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology, Pune

Club: CyberCell, VIIT

Sponsors: Burp Bounty, CloudSEK, Epic research technologies Pvt. Ltd., VIIT alumni Association, Vishwakarma Institute, CSI VIIT, ACM VIIT, Hacktify, Code Gurukul

About CyberCell, VIIT


CyberCell, VIIT is a tight-knit group of students aiming to study and learn more about the CyberSecurity domain, and with this aim, we are constantly trying to upgrade ourselves by working collaboratively on various activities. One of these is the annual CTF by the name vishwaCTF. This is a beginner-friendly CTF with the aim to provide an entry point to the numerous potential CyberSecurity enthusiasts throughout the world starting from India.

CyberCell, VIIT has always been a group of highly energetic individuals since its inception in 2013. And, we have come under the umbrella of CyberCell, VIIT for a common purpose – To make the Indian CyberSecurity Scene more exciting, indigenously. The vishwaCTF is an event undertaken for the same purpose. We want India to create lots of highly skilled CyberSecurity experts, and we want to be a part of that group too. So here we are, taking the first step towards that goal.

Come Join Us!

About Vishwakarma Institute Of Information Technology

VishwaCTF: A CTF you wanna play! 2

Bansilal Ramnath Agarwal Charitable Trust (BRACT) Pune, runs the Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology. The Trust was established on the 16th of June 1975 under Bombay Trust Act of 1950. The Trust undertakes educational, religious and social activities.

“Vishwakarma” as per Indian mythology, was the Architect-Engineer of God. The Trust has adopted this name with a vision to develop engineers who can take up challenges in technical fields with original work and creativity. The Trust has adopted this name “Vishwakarma” for all of its educational institutes for the same purpose. The Primary objectives of BRACT are to Offer Technical and Medical Education, Start undergraduate and postgraduate institutions, Establish research centers, Help needy and deserving students, Felicitate scholars, philosophers and artists.

The Vision of VIIT is “Excellence in Technical Education”. The Primary Missions of VIIT are to Make competent engineers with the spirit of professionalism and responsible citizenship, Impart knowledge and technical skills of the highest standards and to Prepare engineers to respond to the current and future needs of the industry, higher studies as well as research.

About Computer Department VIIT

Vision: “Excellence in the field of Computer Engineering for rendering services to the industry and society”

Mission: To empower our students for substantial contribution to economic, technological, entrepreneurial and social progress of the society. To strive for excellence at different levels and diverse dimensions in the field of computer engineering. To encourage students to pursue research and advanced studies for better adaptability towards globalization.

Since 2002, the Department of Computer Engineering, VIIT has been dedicated to imparting quality education in the field of Computer Engineering. We now offer a four-year full-time Undergraduate (B.Tech.) degree program. We offer a Postgraduate program as well, and this year we start with our Ph.D. program too. The Computer Engineering program has been accredited three times by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) up to the year 2021. The department has state-of-art well-equipped laboratories and well qualified, experienced faculty who follow the NBA prescribed philosophy of outcome-based education (OBE).

Our teaching is learner-centric, with importance given to achieving the objectives of the learning process. Our syllabus is in line with industry needs and includes contributions from industry experts. Various other activities and student interactions, in the department, are planned with a constant awareness of the graduate attribute that students should have at the end of the program.

In the past few months, during the lockdown period due to COVID-19 pandemic, systematic learning continued for our students. The faculty immediately switched to online delivery of lectures and practical sessions and other additional academic activities. Many other online activities were organized for students for proper utilization of time. Two such activities are a lecture series by Computer Society of India (CSI) and Machine Learning (ML) course by ACM.

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