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CES 2021: AMD & Intel Everything Wrapped up!

What an amazing event (CES 2021) boys! We can’t believe how CES organisers are still managing to make it a bang and conducting it through all the odds. But here, we are only gonna talk about the new amazing mobile-processors launched by both the competitors AMD and Intel. Guys, to be honest, we are feeling sad for intel this time :'( it’s like, can’t see the boys going off the competition now, they don’t have anything much to show up instead of that 5 GHz boost from their new 11th gen core i7 and i9 processors and some minor changes. So, Without making it more boring let’s get to AMD 1st!

AMD at CES 2021

In the above Video event, Dr.Lisa Su (current CEO of AMD) introduced the new Ryzen 5000 series processors for the laptops which will be available in the month of February and also teased the new big Navi and Radeon GPUs for the gaming laptops which they will be revealing soon.

In the first 40 minutes of the conference, they revealed a number of mobile processors which were insane, they announced 13 new processors in which there were 10 based on the new Zen 3 architecture and rest were on the Zen 2 architecture. Before getting information about the processor one should know that in mobile processors(laptops) there is 2 terminology that is your ‘H’ ( high performance-variant) and ‘U'( tablet/ultra-thin processor variant).

CES 2021

This thing is somewhat followed in the laptop-intel-processors line up too. The ‘H’ variants are mostly equipped in laptops with heavy performance but less battery life and in ‘U’ it has comparatively 20-25% lesser performance but uses less wattage-power and boosts battery life longer productivity, therefore it is mostly equipped in super/ultra/tablet thin laptops. But AMD has gone too far this time, its new 5000-series ‘U’ processors give battery boosts up to 17.5 (processing) and 20 hours (video playback).

The new ‘H’-variant 5000 series chip is mostly equipped with 19 and 20 MB of massive cache, oh holy!. These CPUs power at 35W to 45 W, while the ‘U’ series only hits 15W. The Zen 3 architecture, which includes every H-variant processors, which offers up to a 20 per cent improvement to single-threaded performance compared to their last-gen equivalents.

CES 2021: AMD & Intel Everything Wrapped up! 1

The new HX processor series is designed for heavy gaming tasks which come with the variant 5980HX and 5900HX and also they are the flagship mobile processors offered by the semiconductor company. They also feature 45+W power and shows 14 per cent lead in comparison to intel’s flagship mobile processors core i9-10980HK and 37% advantage in passwark PT10 and 21% in the physics section of the 3Dmark Fire Strike test.

CES 2021: AMD & Intel Everything Wrapped up! 2

With many more exciting launches like the new 3rd GEN AMD EPYC processor which is the world’s highest performance x86 server processor.

Intel at CES 2021

Well, now this one is going to be a little disappointing for the intel fans, sorry boys. The moment at which we came into disappointment was when they were showing the faster performance while using office 365 and video conferencing while the competitor was busy showing benchmarks, fps, architecture, cache memory and boosts. But anyway, they launched 50 new processors which will lead to more than 500 new designs for laptop and PCs which will be coming in the market in 2021.

CES 2021: AMD & Intel Everything Wrapped up! 3

Intel launched their new 11th Generation processors based on vPro and Evo vPro platform delivering the highest performance along with the hardware security. They also introduced new N-series processors based on 10-nanometer architecture for laptops which are specifically used for education purposes. Focussing on the ‘H’ variant processors for heavy gaming in the laptop, they announced new processors too with their new core S-series desktop processors code-named Rocket Lake-S and their next-gen processors too (code-named Alder Lake) which will be coming to market in late 2021.

Moving on to the interesting part of the CES 2021 event, intel ‘H’ series mobile processor which are generally for heavy gaming laptops they were featuring into the laptops having 16 millimetres length and also putting up to 5 gigahertz turbo boost, specifically for ultraportable gaming, Also they featured the new generation 4 PCI-E architecture which actually connects the discrete graphic with the processor to deliver amazingly low latency and immersive gameplay on the go. But, it actually felt like this time Intel was left with nothing special to show up on the CES 2021 event.

After going through both of them, it seems as if the Red team has literally taken over the blue team and have made them dead. Being a product member of a blue team I don’t even feel disappointed while typing this because this is a general rule in the market or any organisation that, if you don’t improve yourself with time, you will surely get replaced, that’s something that is happening to Intel these days. But, In a long race no doubt intel is always a winner. They have all the wealth and intelligent people so maybe they will come back in the future for sure.

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