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Top Algorithms asked in every interview( Software engineering)

If you guys have completed your university degree in computer science or software-related field and are searching for jobs or preparing for your campus recruitment test and interviews, then this blog post over algorithms is going to help you alot.

Before going through the main content, it is crucial to understand why the algorithms and data structures are so important in the life of a computer engineer/ software dev programmer. Algorithms primary role is to solve complex real-world problems and make the developer more competitive and good at solving problems. This not only saves a lot of time but the money of the company and makes the lives of others easier too.

And hence, due to this thing mostly the algorithms and data structures are asked in every interview, a programmer will go through. Primary product-based companies are involved in directly serving the people instead of serving to companies and are the ones who majorly focus on this part and also give a handsome amount of salary package. Examples of such companies can easily find out by directly opening your smartphone and reading the names of all the top apps 😉 (Facebook, google, amazon, Flipkart, Netflix, Uber,etc.).

So without wasting any more time let’s get going with our top ten algorithms which are very useful and asked in every interview or every computer programmer must know

Sorting Algorithm

These are the most used algorithm like each and every student has studied this algorithm a lot. Even in higher classes, students are mostly taught these algorithms but there are some more things in these algorithms like heap sort, bucket sort, merge sort, Quicksort, and counting sort these are some sorting algorithms that are mostly not taught in higher schools. Most of the programmers come across these sorts through so many websites such as GeeksforGeeks, tutorial points, etc. Now, these algorithms are asked in different kinds of interviews because they are generally used to build many programming languages libraries that are directly used in languages such as python.

Hashing Algorithm

Hashing has a crucial role in cache management Cryptography and also in error detection. One of the key points in hashing is that produces very quality code in just finding any data by its ID only, data is accessed by the index ID and due to this reason mostly the developers in the organizations are using hashmap and dictionary more over sorting and binary search algorithms. This not only helps in checking the previously existed key but also performs the values by using the keys.

Array, List and Stack

The most important unit for data structures are arrays , lists and stack. They are generally the building block for all the algorithms asked in any interview. A coder must know these small , basic and important things first, before going to further major DS & algos like tree, hasmap, etc. It is very important to first understand the memory management things in array , list and stack and their insertion deletion before going to learn sci-fi algorithms.

Dynamic Programming

In this category of algorithms, a problem is solved by storing the value of subproblems and optimize the code or solution done with the help of recursion. Due to DP, the complex recursive problems which take minutes to execute are finished off within a few seconds. It consists of two form tabularization and memoization both have different working processes and kind of the same amount of time taken.

Graph Algorithm

This algorithm is very efficient to use and solve problems which are unrelated and can be mapped also. It helps to solve problems like matching, minimum spanning tree and shortest path. The algo also helps in making a problem in a graph structure to find the best possible result. It is one of the most important algorithms for software engineers.

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