Who is a Hacker? Types of Hackers

Who is a hacker and how to be one of them?

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A hacker is someone who has all the knowledge of how a program, software, application, database, server is constructed and he knows how to take our flaws from it.

Let’s suppose you are in a room, now a guy who knows that which brick he will pull out of a wall to deconstruct the room into pieces, in the same way, a Hacker has the knowledge and practice much more than that of a developer, tester and DBA who can find vulnerabilities in a software pr database to exploit or fix it.

So, to be like one of them, one requires a lot of practice over the years and skills in the field of kali Linux, programming, scripting, and technologies like python, javascript, java, and database management system.

They are also called by different names such as penetration tester(pentester), cybersecurity engineer, Security analyst, etc.

Types of hackers unfolded!


Generally, there are three types of hackers depending on their experience and knowledge. These are as follows:

1. Coders

Coders are a kind of hackers who have good technical knowledge having a strong programming background. They are generally the ideal hackers. They create tools and hacking software.

2. Admins

These types of hackers also have good technical knowledge but they rely on the software made by the coders. For example, all the corporate pentester, cybersecurity engineers fall into this category of hackers.

3. Script kiddies

They generally follow normal links, tries to hack but end up being hacked themselves. For example, they create a normal phishing page to make someone fall in their trap but they end up giving the credentials of the target and their own also to the source from whom they created the phishing page.

Categories of hackers


There are also 4 categories of hackers which shows how they operate, legally and their ideology. These are – 

1.White Hat

This category of hackers is the one who works for a company, association to promote security, and fixing flaws. They are generally paid for this and their fields of hacking are limited to some extent only.

2.Black Hat

Black hat hackers who hack for their beneficial means by gaining unauthorized access to specific data, application, or website. Their actions are generally illegal and can also face penalties, charges even imprisonment for it

3. Grey Hat

This category of hackers is having some specific means but not with bad intentions, for example, a guy promoting the “save girl child” logo by hacking famous websites. They are also known as a hacktivist.

4.Blue Hat

Blue hat hackers are usually outside of any company or firm who are used to test a bug and report it to the company and close it before it is exploited by any other third party group.


These were the main types of hackers. There are many more kinds depending on the main types of attacks or techniques one uses. These specializations include rootkits, networking,  social engineers and many more.

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