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Does your System heat too much? Say no more!

There are a number of youtube videos out there for lowering down your computer temperature and heat dissipation, such as undervolting CPU & GPU, use of the liquid cooling solution, using thermal pads, cooling pads, and thermal pastes. Sometimes undervolting CPU & GPU feature has come out to be not much effective in the cases of the heavy gaming machines or powerful laptops having heavy processors with heavy GPU. The liquid solution method is generally for high-end PC users who can afford them. But here we are looking for something which is pocket friendly and easy to operate.

Then What is it?

We have come up with a solution which was one of our last hope that actually worked. We tried a lot of different solutions such as undervolting CPU through intel Xtreme turning software, controlling fan speed, voltage, and undervolting GPU through MSI afterburner but nothing came out to give us any positive result. So we gave a last try over thermal pasting.

At first, we used Antec Formula X but it didn’t come out to be very well working. So giving the thermal solution a last try with the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. We opened up our gaming laptop and applied it with a pea method properly. At 1st there was a little decrease in the temperature that is from 96 degrees of CPU to 90 and in GPU it was 93 degrees to 87 DegreeC. So after a few more tries, we understood the fact that you have to put the thermal paste over the CPU and GPU paste by keeping their size and architecture in mind.


The actual process to knock down the Heat!

There are a lot of different methods to put thermal paste that is the pea-drop method, card method, bread-spread method. But to get the maximum out of a thermal paste in your system, you yourself have to analyze the structure and put it, keeping the heat sink pressure in mind, because once you screw tight the heat sink back, the thermal paste that you had put get aside due to pressure from it. So one has to keep that thing in mind and not to put much, just one drop is enough for it.

Also, before applying one has to fully clean the heat sink and processors with rubbing alcohol( 99% isopropyl alcohol) with the help of cleaning earbud sticks till the chips become fully mirror shining. Also, one has to avoid thermal paste spreading or dropping on irregular places of the motherboard though it will not harm the board still it creates a mess.

Some extra things to improve cooling and performance

If you want to cool down the things more, you can use cooling thermal pads with better thermal conductivity over the GPU VRAM, also on your SSD and RAM to give a better boost to the performance. Don’t forget to clean the fans with a brush and a blower too, this can give a 0.5 Ghz extra boost to the processor as it improves the RPM value or rotation count of the fans, so faster it rotates more easily and extra amount of heat will be dissapated.

Does your System heat too much? Say no more! 1

The measurement of thermal conductivity is done in terms of W/mK( Watt per mili Kelvin). So more the numerical value of w/mk , better is the cooling efficiency of the thermal paste or pad one is using.

The result after applying both the things

Does your System heat too much? Say no more! 2

So, we can see after applying everything perfectly while playing Apex legend, a drastic temperature drop has come up, from 96 degrees to 67 degrees in CPU and from 93 degree to 56 degrees in terms of GPU processing. This not only makes your performance good but also solves the thermal throttling and sudden jittering problems while gaming. It also gives a 10-15 extra FPS boost in the game.

What and from where to Get the things!

Here is the 1st and the most important thing, thermal grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste, which has 12.5 W/mK thermal conductivity which highest possible in thermal pastes. if you want the best one go for Conductonaut (liquid metal solution with 73 W/mK)

Does your System heat too much? Say no more! 3

The second main is your thermal pad, which we have to apply on VRAM of GPU, RAM, and SSD to give an extra special touch in cooling down the temps. These are thermal pads with 6 w/mK which is quite impressive in thermal pads.

Does your System heat too much? Say no more! 4

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