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Amazon Ring: A flying security solution

Imagine walking down the aisle of a superstore, shopping for the amazing movie marathon that you planned with your friends for the coming Saturday night then suddenly a thought strikes your mind leaving you completely baffled- “Did I leave the gas stove on?” It begins to send chills down your spine and your mouth dry,  though there are even odds that the gas stove was off. Anyways, you rush to your house without further ado, only to find the gas stove off. Annoyed, you feel the dire need to have a device that could check up on your house when you are not present there.

To our surprise, Amazon’s Ring has come up with the astounding and quite unorthodox   “Always Home Cam” which shall not only avoid hustles like these but is capable of far more.


One remark that started it all…..

Amazon has widely been traversing the shipment field thereby making its services more efficient. There are many places where it has been promising the product/service delivery in just 30 minutes. After the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  approval, it began its delivery by drone too.

On acquiring Ring in 2018 for $1 billion, the “e-commerce giant” took a gamble by providing hardware and smart home division with home surveillance capabilities.  It was quite the bump for Ring to come up with an unconventional house security camera, who has to date come up with quite sober and routine devices like the doorbell. CEO, Jamie  Siminoff,  replied that this “out of the box idea “  was an inspiration from one of the customers who proposed that they wanted to view their homes while they were outside but did not want to fit in permanent cameras.

Always Being Home.

This high-tech surveillance integrated with Ring alarms installed inside the house moves on motion detection and triggers the alarm as soon as it senses an intruder, house fire, or any other such emergency, thereby notifying the owner through the “Neighbors” app.

The drone is compact and lightweight with shrouded propellers. With a battery life of about 5 minutes, it comes out of its docking bay and flies up in the air by itself, roams around the house  (only on pre-mapped areas)  for the scheduled check-up, taking a short trip of almost 1 minute, and eventually coming back to the docking bay for recharging. The drone camera has full visibility when moving around the house which is hidden when recharging and makes the conventional “ humming” noise too. The $250 device ( Rs. 18,424) records only when it is in flying mode.

Amazon Ring: A flying security solution 1

Stress Testing It’s Security For The Past One Year.

Ring partners with over 600 police departments across the  US enabling law enforcement to request footage from people’s Ring devices in crime suspected areas to which the customers can lawfully refuse. A letter by democrat  Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthiseeks the documents regarding the same. While many find the device productive for their security and peace of mind, for others uncloaking their homes to the internet is already a  bargain. At the rear of being accused of “incompatible with democracy and human rights”, it is also liable for being invasive as it collects audio and dynamic aerial video to create a database for commercial gains by targeting particular products according to the user.

A Slew of Attacks coming to the forefront gradually…

Many customers reported their Ring devices being hacked, stalked by strangers,  and harassed to which company refused as they did not find any evidence for the same. Ring further added that some noxious people obtained the user’s account credentials from some external non-Ring service and used them to log in to Ring accounts, thereby obtaining an array of information like the owner’s address, camera footage. It was also found that there was no limit to the number of incorrect attempts for logging in, though it has two- factor authentication.  The Ring has

disclosed to have fired 4 employees over the past 4 years for access to user video data.

Despite all these factors, it is important to acknowledge the Amazon’s ability to get under the skins of users.

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