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Build The Best Budget Gaming/video editing PC under Rs.25,000 in India(2020)

Yes, you guys heard right , a gaming/video editing pc under Rs.25000 and nope its not a click bait .. you guys can follow up the link also to calculate the price and also see the benchmarks of the same on a Youtube video that will be available below.

So without wasting anymore of your time , lets get started.


The processor plays a vital role in a gaming pc build or any heavy machine which is desired to take out your heavy tasks. Before the memory data comes to GPU cores… It is managed by CPU cores and hence the overflow of all the data through higher L1, L2, and L3 cache with fast processing are necessary to show up the frames fast on your screen. I guess a lot of technical knowledge, let’s move further towards our processor.

Ryzen5 cpu

Yes, Ryzen 5 2400G is the best and compatible processor because it has the best-inbuilt iGPU that is Radeon Vega 11 graphics which has the capability to provide almost 45 to 55 fps in the AAA title games and the main reason that we are not going to include Any graphics card, because of the short of budget but just trust us …

With this processor and the specs, we will include will give u sufficient gaming. And you have to keep this point in mind because this is under just 25k and we want to meet up the proper gaming requirements so that the buyer gets satisfied with the results and also comes in the cost of just Rs.9986(assuming 10k).

If you don’t trust us then you can click here to know the gaming test results in 24 games!

To buy and know more info about the processor in dept like its sexy stock fan with wraith cooling tech and the cache and core boosts then click below:

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2. Motherboard

gigabyte motherboard

This motherboard is best suitable as it is of AM4 type that is further whenever you are done with more money to upgrade anything like latest-gen SSD, CPU, GPU, etc this motherboard has enough capability to support it for a life long. It also supports memory upgrade to 32gb 3200Mhz. And it will cost you around Rs.4100. For further info related ports, hardware compatibility, and connectivity or to buy click below:

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3. Storage(SSD)


Yea, 240gb ADATA SSD not an HDD because an SSD will boost your boot time, game loading time, your code compilation time, your browser bootup time. If you have been an SSD user then you can better understand why SSD and if not then, you can check out videos on youtube, it has 10x faster speed than HDD in every case.

But if it gives you speed then surely it is going to expensive. Hence only 240gb SSD. We could have suggested you an M.2 NVME but it would have gone out of the budget and provided you only 128gb of space which is not enough keeping your games, software, and editors alongside. But no worries you can upgrade anything anytime once you are done with more money ;).

Click below to know more info/buy/add to cart:

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Build The Best Budget Gaming/video editing PC under Rs.25,000 in India(2020) 1

Gigabyte 8gb 2666mhz RAM, best in the budget with proper warranty and brand name. It has proper heat spreaders/sinks over it so that your PC doesn’t heat up much while editing/coding/gaming. It will cost you around Rs.3400.

Click below to add to cart/buy/know more:

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5. SMPS(The most important! MUST READ)

SMPS (PSU) is the most important throughout building a pc because your whole computer system depends upon a proper and stable supply of electricity. Just due to little bit fluctuations and cheap SMPS failures many people have lost their whole computer worth thousands and lakhs of rupees.

It depends upon your luck that if your SMPS stops working then there are very fewer chances that your motherboard ram, SSD, storage, etc will be safe. In 90% chances, major parts mostly get defected and no other option is left instead of buying the new one 🙁 .. that’s why choosing a best and good SMPS is must,, with proper research.

But Don’t worry! we have done all of them for you with proper experience and user- feedbacks here are is the best budget SMPS. we are repeating again .. plz never compromise over SMPS with a cost. Cheaper and poor quality SMPS will definitely kill your PC one day. It will cost you around Rs.2700

corsair vs50

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6. Cabinet <3

Most of you will be wondering if there will be any good cabinet or not don’t worry. I myself prefer more to looks keeping the performance on the other hand for any laptop or PC. But in this case, we have a boundary called “Budget”.

But don’t worry, the cabinet we have suggested has a unique RGB LED design on the front panel that delivers a stylish look and feel. Bring your case to life with 13 preset lighting modes that can be readily controlled via the LED control button.

Build The Best Budget Gaming/video editing PC under Rs.25,000 in India(2020) 2
  • 6 RGB Flow Modes
  • 7 Static Color Modes

Carbon Fiber Style Front Panel

Featuring a stylish carbon fiber style finishing on the front panel, this case adds a futuristic flair to your gaming setup.

Full Acrylic Side Panel

Comes equipped with a full acrylic side panel to properly showcase the inside of your rig.

Dual Chamber Design

Built with a dual chamber design to direct heat away from the main chamber for more effective all-around cooling.

Air Cooling

Supports air cooling in the front, top, and rear of the case and the top of the PSU chamber to enhance cooling performance.

  • Front: 120mm x 3 (Optional)
  • Top: 120mm x 2 (Optional)
  • Rear: 120mm x 1 (Includes 120mm Fan x 1)
  • VGA Fan: 120mm x 2 (Optional)

Liquid Cooling

Supports liquid cooling in the front of the case for maximum efficiency cooling.

  • Front: 240mm Radiator (Optional)

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So here, we have covered almost all of the essential parts that you will need to build this pc and to satisfy your daily needs of sufficient gaming/editing/coding. If you will calculate the overall cost then it will cost you around Rs.25,700 depending upon the seller as prices are subjected to change anytime but it will surely flactuate around 25k rupees for sure.

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