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Best Budget monitors for Coders and Hackers

Adding an external monitor to your setup is an essential part if you are a programmer, hacker or coder. This is because most of the hackers & coders use linux operating system for carrying out their work. The main problem arises when more than 4 or 5 terminals pop up and you dont have sufficient screen size to adjust and focus on all of em and you end up being frustrated 🙁 .

But why use an extra monitor?

As a Hacker/cybersec guy:

Let it be a case when a hacker is exploiting a loophole but the vulnerability type ain’t mentioned in the Metasploit payload list then , he has to open 3 different terminals to know the specific vulnerability alongwith a g-editor to script the payload using python or has to script the keylogger at the same time along with 3 to 4 different tools,the whole system looks so messed up, ufff!.

As a programmer/coder/developer:

Also, when a programmer has to develop something at the same time looking out for a logic from stackoverflow , at the sametime learning it through a video, implementing in an IDE and also git committing the same work, he/she has to use an external monitor to make the work sorted and clear.

Without wasting more time, on the logic part, lets move onto the number 1st budget monitor of our list:

1. Samsung 21.5 inch Super Slim

Best Budget monitors for Coders and Hackers 1

This is one has really won our heart because, we personally have been using this one for all our basic programming, hacking, and gaming needs. This monitor features an AH-IPS panel with a super slim and bezel-less display. With a resolution of 1920*1080, 75hz flicker-free screen with 5ms response with AMD sync, adds some extra points to be a perfect gaming monitor too in this range. The Y shaped stand gives it a perfect gaming look and also leaves no gap while dual monitoring.(VESA mount support-Yes)

Below is the unboxing video of this monitor that we are using currently!

LG 22 inch IPS Monitor

Best Budget monitors for Coders and Hackers 2

This one goes as the 2nd choice in our list, with an extra 0.5 inches making it 22inch from the last one, has more ports than the previous one such as VGA port, HDMI, DVI, Audio-out and headphones port. It has a special game mode feature with a wall mount facility. (VESA mount support-Yes). Just because of its capability to support up to the only 60hz is the main reason why we have put it on the 2nd in our list. The rest of the specs offered are quite the same such as IPS panel, 1920*1080 resolution, and 178-degree viewing angle.

3. AOC 24B2XH 23.8″ Ultra Slim monitor

Best Budget monitors for Coders and Hackers 3

AOC monitor being a little larger in size that is 23.8″ inches and very slim in size makes it a perfect video editing and rendering budget monitor. With the same specs as of others, it has a 75hz of screen display with 8ms response time and VESA mount support. Also, it has an adjustable stand along with it which can give you perfect height adjustment according to the comfortability of your eyes.

4. BenQ 21.5-inch LED Backlit Monitor

Best Budget monitors for Coders and Hackers 4

BenQ is a brand that is currently leading the monitor market in the budget ranges. Even in this monitor they offering a very sleek design with pure IPS monitor along with the brightness intelligence technology. The same resolution of 1920*1080 has been given with edge to edge slim bezel making it perfect for dual monitoring setup.(VESA mount supported)

VESA mount: It is a must know thing to before buying any monitor, it confirms the fact that a monitor has a standard 50mm x 50mm, 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100m standard square blocks at the back which gets joined by a monitor mount/arm to make it a dual/triple monitor setup ,wall mounted or get fixed on a stand.

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