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New Nvidia GPU- RTX 3080! Leaks and other details

RTX 3080 leaked!

As the next-gen Nvidia GPU is set to come in a matter of months, some of the details about them are leaking every day, but in this post, we have covered up all for you. The latest graphics card using Nvidia’s Ampere architecture are expected to arrive this year, bringing some observable updates to the already powerful GPU RTX-20 Series.

The RTX 3080 is being made to deliver better gaming performance, potentially with sleeker and more power-efficient designs. As the AMD custom GPUs based on RDNA 2.0 architecture have taken over PS5 and Xbox Series X and along with their Navi GPU, there is a lot of pressure over Nvidia to release something legit powerful this time, to keep the PC gaming alive!

Nvidia RTX 3080 Release Date

According to a report from TweakTown from last March, The RTX 3080 can be released as soon as August 2020, with a September release to follow. Some articles have pointed that this may occur at Computex 2020 event in late September. But also the Questions from TechRadar reports that it is likely to be skipped from all events.

A more recent leak from June stated that the new RTX 30-series may include a new and notable GPU edition RTX 3090 which will be more powerful than its past-gen GPUs and the upcoming 3070s and 3080s lineup also.


Nvidia RTX 3080 Price

Based on the earlier pricing of the RTX series, its dam obvious that Nvidia’s new GPUs or their siblings won’t come cheap. The current price of RTX 2080 Super carries an MSRP of $699, with RTX 2080 Ti going for around $1199. On the lover end of Nvidia’s current line, RTX 2060 starts at $299, with RTX 2070 going to $599.

Whereas some of the rumors suggest that RTX 30-series cards could be more affordable than their predecessors. As pointed out by TechRadar, Nvidia may use Samsung’s 7nm extreme ultraviolet lithography(EUV) process for manufacturing its new card, which can allow the upcoming gen RTX to have better performance and making it pocket friendly also.

The graphics company has typically manufactured its cards via Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), which also produces chips for AMD. So with the increase in competition, it’s possible that Nvidia may be looking to be competitive by making the upcoming GPUs pocket friendly.

Design of RTX 3080

New Nvidia GPU- RTX 3080! Leaks and other details 1

The GPU company is yet to release its design but, a lot of recent leaks are already coming from so many sources about the design, but a recent leak of the purported graphics has the internet divided. “Images posted to Chinese tech forum ChipHell reveal what may be the RTX 3080, sporting a strange, hourglass-like design that’s a far cry from the cleaner look of recent RTX cards.” said in a statement by tomsguide. Chances are likely to fall with the prediction that it can also be just an engineering sample for the GPUs but can represent the major change for the GPU-company.

Geforce RTX 3080 Specs

New Nvidia GPU- RTX 3080! Leaks and other details 2

Specs of the GPU card aren’t out but, we all are aware of its new Ampere graphics technology. According to the GPU-company, Ampere is the “largest [7nm] chip ever built” and is built for better AI performance and a speedy 1.6TB per second of memory bandwidth. But the ampere chips that the GPU-company revealed in May are built to power data centers.

The RTX 30 series’ 7nm architecture would following in the footsteps of AMD’s Radeon VII: The first GPU to use a 7nm process. That would mean even better power efficiency within a sleek and hopefully affordable design.

A list of rumors popped out when a twitt from account KittyCorgi popped off and also from a Chinese website MyDrivers both pointing to potential RTX 3080 and 3070 models that would be a big step up from their predecessors.

New Nvidia GPU- RTX 3080! Leaks and other details 3

Geforce RTX 3080 benchmarks

In june 2020, a set of benchmarks of new Geforce GTX 3080 were leaked with breaking out the entire internet, revealing that the company’s new card could be upto 21% faster than the Geforce RTX Titan. Considering that the Titan is currently Nvidia most powerful GPU, that would mark a significant step up in power. Its leaked 3D marks came out to be 30% faster than RTX 2080 Ti founder’s edition.

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