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Nvidia RTX 3060ti: All you need to know! ( Awesome leaks and details)

Nvidia RTX 30

How it started and the reason behind the RTX 3060 launch?

Few days back when Nvidia released their new RTX 30 series line up , everyone was shocked and yes we recieved a lot emails regarding the same but we wanted to give you guys something extra that you dont know.

As we all know, the new line up RTX 30s has 3 GPUs GA104 named RTX 3070, 3080, and 3090 which are much overpowered than their previous generation RTX 20 series in every aspect whether it be price, performance, Cuda cores, architecture.

By this new introduction to ampere technology, GPUs Nvidia played a big move against AMD in the gaming market. It was something like revenge from AMD because the next gen-gaming consoles XBOX and PS5 have featured AMD’s new RDNA architecture GPU in their consoles.

By this move, Nvidia takes over the whole gaming market of graphics cards even their previous ones also. But they hadn’t disclosed their last and the special move. Oh yes, you guessed right, the rumored RTX 3060 or RTX 3060 super. But! but, there is a small change in it guys. Nvidia told AIBs that they’re not going to launch RTX 3060 super instead they’re gonna release the Ti version of it in the second half of October.


About the new Nvidia 3060ti

The new RTX 3060ti version will be equipped with GA104-200 GPU and will feature 4864 CUDA cores which is exactly 512 CUDA cores more than the previous RTX 2080ti and 1024 CUDA cores lesser than the RTX 3070.

It has the same memory capacity as compared to RTX 3070 that is 8 GB GDDR6 and the same memory clock of 14 GB/s with 448 GB/s bandwidth featuring 256-bit architecture. And the most important feature that it will have a very low power dissipation that is 180W. Now, this feature is really important for a GPU because it is consuming 120-150 lesser watt than others.

Launch date will be near the Halloween in the october, 2020 and the rumored prices are somewhat around $399 which is also very cheap according to the feature it is providing.

This GPU has enough capabilities to max out the performance on 1080p with Ray tracing features on. So this is pretty much, all bout the RTX 3060, hope you liked the information we provided, do subscribe to our new letter <3

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